Welcome to summer fun…. Mr.Bodypaint is an absolute banging addition to any event. What a difference a superfast and technical bodypainter can contribute to an already fun event. Each person gets a fast fun and unique design in 10 minutes or less. Mr. Bodypaint is a 10 year professional bodypainter with clients from east coast to west. Comicons, festivals, night clubs, street fairs, private events, you name it and he is there turning up the volume of outrageous explosive fun! Mr. Bodypaint also does electric tape shows live. Amazing designs straight of the runway and on skin quick and spectacular.

1000’s of painted people over the years…..So much so he closed shop. However secretly showing up on the scene occasionally….still doing private shows for regular clients, here is your chance to enjoy the goodtimes. Book now!

Feel free to contact anytime with questions and bookings.

Here are some samples of previous great shows.