May 17th, 2021

Hello, we are almost through the pandemic. What a year. I am rattled but feeling optimistic now the country is opening back up. So many changes to much to write about. I will just leave it to what I do best, paint my way through life. Thanks so much for your ongoing support. Here is a cellphone pic of my new painting, “American Badass”. Coming in a few weeks to a wall near you!  I will post on my social media when it is about to drop! A story of the everyday heroes from the past and future.


March 20,2020

And just like that California and the world is at a crawl. The biggest pandemic in my lifetime and apparently a change that will last indefinitely. As I am typing this the world is in complete peril. Hopefully something beautiful will come of this for all of us. Godspeed for all those looking to heal. I have been doing my usual artist thing and creating some interesting memes for the internet. I pray we find a cure soon. The artist are in the ICU of the business world. Please if you are reading this, be well and buy art!

February 25,2020
Brand new website for 2020 season!

We will be showing why a new site as the new season drops! A whole new medium for some crafty collectibles on a new page is coming March 2020. Also many items were sold out and will be added to the SOLD OUT page. And hopefully better security to keep out the bot$’.
My new medium (can’t say before launch) included some research and development, studio re-arranging, studies, and testing. So this new product replaced a new Daftpixel painting for this season, so let’s hope it was a good gamble. I had a great time painting over the winter and relaxing a bit. Not much vacationing, but my job is a journey, trip, and vacation all in one. So kinda’ hard for me to stop for air really.

“The new painting “Our Face” has already been tested on social media and the streets! So far the response is awesome. The subject matter is a little sensitive (to some) , so I am expecting to get into some hot water on this one. And my pitch can be stupendously painful  so give me some time to deliver the new piece literally as precisely as it sits visually.